Ocean Audio

Message from Ocean Audio

All current Ocean Audio products have been designed and built by Malcolm Toft.
Malcolm recently decided to retire from pro audio manufacturing.
As a result, the current Ocean Audio products are no longer manufactured.

Some stock of our existing products are available through
Interphase Audio at reduced prices.

We are listing the current products on this website for informational purposes.

New products are under development and will be announced shortly.
Watch this space and your favourite forums for information.

And please feel free to
contact us.

Best Regards
The Ocean Audio crew

Hand-Crafted with Love

Ocean Audio has a rich cultural heritage based on UK and European approach towards life, music and sound quality.
Every person involved with Ocean Audio has been in this industry for at least 20 years. Some of us even for over 40 years.
One of our designers, Malcolm Toft, was the founder of console manufacturer Trident Audio Developments in 1972, and has been designing recording consoles for over forty years.
All our designers bring their wealth of experience and pedigree to the design of Ocean Audio products.

All Ocean Audio products are hand-crafted with love, in the EU. We use traditional technology, and conventional components.
All our products use through-hole mount for ease of servicing, and are designed to last a life-time.